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Luis Zufiria
Sales Manager of Knoxtyl

Knoxtyl not only develops and manufactures handles for furniture, you are also present in very competitive sectors such as the household appliances and the automotive sectors. How has this been achieved?

There are extra values, besides design and the knowledge of the sector, which are very important. Service, training, certification, but above all, the understanding of customer needs. At Knoxtyl we have a human team with a high technical level and that translates into results.

What is the most important aspect when developing a new project?

Attending to customer requirements. As handle specialists, we know how to design and produce them, and the market values this positively. Regardless of whether they are for a kitchen or a living room or a household appliance. For us, who work in the Knoxtyl Techniques line, the most important issue is to understand the problems of each and every customer, and to come up with solutions.

Is specialisation a way to distinguish yourself among your competitors in the market?

I think it is a way to stand out among the rest. As I said before, we know how to produce handles, excellent handles, and that is the reason why we are known, and want to be known for. Our handles are made to be used by people in their homes, in the kitchen or in any other room, and they are made to withstand the passing of time, as they are high quality items.

Does being a handle specialist allow you to have a wide product range?

Of course. Among the handles we manufacture, you will surely find one which suits your personality and the style of your kitchen, bathroom furniture, oven, refrigerator,…. Stainless steel, Aluminium, Zamak… your products are mainly made of these three materials.

Can we expect more innovation to take place in the handles sector?

Absolutely. It is necessary to take into account that, not only can we see there is innovation in design, and in materials, but also by adapting the product, and the different finishes, in keeping at all times with current trends.

And, where will this innovation lead to?

Handle finishes will be a decisive factor, which will allow for higher customisation in the future. Polishes, lacquered, colours, … I do not think everything has been achieved in this field, and Knoxtyl will be constantly innovating and developing new products.


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